• 16 дек. 2010 г.
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Today we are starting to learn new unit Advertising.
I think, that every one of us watches TV, and Advertising is big part of TV programs on every channel. Advertising is always colorful andbright. So, I think, that it will be interesting and useful unit.
Word-of-mouth it is very important in advertising, because our friends and parents are often our most reliable sources of information.This form of advertising is usually free. All the advertiser can do is hope that it is positive.
Advertising was the greatest art form of the twentieth century. It is a big part of modern culture.There are 3 main types of Advertising: TV advertising, Internet advertising and advertising with the help of celebrities.
So, TV advertising is still the most glamorous promotion of consumergoods. But the other media are not to be ignored: radio, cinema and the press, while hoardings and billboards are a part of the urban landscape. Some very creative minds come up with seductivecombinations of sound, image and words, but tests show that we often don't remember the brand being advertised. But I can add, that if we will watch film on TV, and there are during the advertising movieswe will see some movies…for example of Coca-Cola 10 times for hour, we can remember it.
Internet advertising expenditure is a very productive kind of promotion. Some people find pop-upadvertisements have become a major source of irritation, but others find them a useful source of information. To my mind, it is one of the best ways of advertising, because there are a lot of sites, where wecan see good advertising of necessary products. For example,,, Avtomalinovka. By and etc.
Advertising can be continued by other means, with sponsorship of particular events orproduct placement in films and music clips. A related phenomenon is product endorsement, where a celebrity is used in advertising a particular product. (Eminem - Not Afraid___Dr. Dre___music shop)
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