• 17 дек. 2010 г.
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Honor, conscience, duty, morality and virtue. People with these moral qualities, anciently revered in Russia. They are inherent in every person, but not everyone develops them in itself, brings toperfection. More recently, the Communist Party, Komsomol and Pioneer organizations to some extent, kept people from moral decay. Now, when it's all in the past, to save people from spiritual death canonly own conscience, school, works of literature and religion.
Leaving every day from home, we see those whose lives reduced only to subsistence. These people do not need society, all of themretreated. And next to them those who are accustomed to living without much effort: prostitutes, drug dealers ... Terrible spiritual destitution of these people.
The collapse of the family, crippled nature,prosperity, prostitution, drug addiction, and with it, and AIDS - it is our common pain and concern.
Our people are accustomed to endure physical hardships. The pain of the soul to move harder. Ithurts when you do not respond to the call, when people are overwhelmed by confusion. "Take care of a human!" - This call should be the main appeal of our time. Do not touch drugs! Beware of AIDS! - Allwe hear on television, radio, in hospitals and schools.
Today, thousands of people worldwide die of AIDS. AIDS - it is just a consequence, so to speak, a killer number two. The number one killer - isa wholesale ignorance of society. And yet none of us is immune to the immunodeficiency virus. And the danger is mainly represented by people with low culture of sexual behavior. Yet there is novaccine or other effective means of AIDS, but everyone should know what you can protect yourself from this disease.
What if AIDS-sick friend? Scary to even think about it. I want my friend was a healthy,clean mind and thoughts.
And if you still sick? .. I would not want that to happen even in my dreams. But in reality? It is a shock for me, it's a pain, not enough words to express my shock. But I...
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