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  • 22 февр. 2011 г.
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1. Marketing Plan:

2.1 Market overview and its tendencies.
I would wish to start with statistical market secondary data available from statistical online agencies related to market growth and complementary information as independent variables and their correlation with service as dependent variable. And as start-up of the business is going to be firstly allocated in Almaty all thedata is due to changes in this city.
Graph 1: Availability of automobiles thousands of units.

* Data by Ministry of internal issues of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

According to this statistical secondary data automobile supply and unit growth tended to sky fly during years of high oil prices rises and overall world economical booms, so I can suppose that after nowadays stagnation in GDP andincreased riskiness of investments when banks are not so easy deal with even high return loans, but at the same time at this time of expected world economy reanimation and people will expectedly seek for leisure and in needed of transportation for their business accomplishment.

Graph 2: Automobiles in units that ate owned by every 100 people of constant real estate holders in Almaty.As we can see this growth ledger insures even more that Kazakhstan economy is very in need of cars and its prosperity is much related with people’s availability and possibilities to have a car in necessary time.
Graph 3: Car rental service and equipment service volume without operator and other objects rental for self using and domestic goods in millions of tenge.

As we can see leasingoperations of car and equipment grew associated with high oil prices and car volume per real estate holder in Almaty, also it can be related with revival of house market construction companies, which were best and most recent clients of such activities.

Graph 4: Factor of growth and development of leasing operations.

Профиль покупателя:

Financial leasing activities by financialintermediaries was tremendously met its sunset growing in the year of most oil demand boom and related with it industries like car market. I wanted to show this all to associate this with nowadays markets stagnations and expected of world trade reanimation so that wealth and rental business flourishes in the future 2-3 years.

1.2 Consumer profile.
For successful implementation, we need todifferentiate customers and target potential market according to such factors as gender, age, etc. (All numbers are assumed and must be checked on error to actual future operational data). Choose and find out the most profitable and secure ones for long-term business operations.
a) Gender:
Male Female
75 % 25 %
Still our car holders are represented by male car drivers, so weshould closely study and consider this factor.

b) Age:
18-25 26-35 36-44 45-55 55+
20% 30% 35% 12% 3%
According to my perceptions and statistical secondary data, in Kazakhstan the distribution of car owners by age tends to opinion that they are mostly mature people with gained status and people who are inthe road of future battles for profits who needs speed and comfort of transportation saving their time.

c) Level of Education:
Post Graduate (>4 years) University Graduate (4 years) High School Graduate Not High School
70% 20% 10% 0%
I also think that we must consider people differentiated by their education level as it affectfuture sales.
d) Income:
5000$ and more 2000-4000$ 900-1500$ 400-800$ 200-350$
15% 34% 45% 5% 1%
Very important factor is income must be very carefully considered.
e) Status oriented:
Status seeking & representative Sport Economy& Family oriented Mini Buses
40% 10%...
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