Career prospects for the students of minsk state linguistic university

  • 12 дек. 2010 г.
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Murina Olga, 202

“Career prospects for the students of Minsk State Linguistic University”

Nowadays many of us try to get into university. Some do it to satisfy their ambitions, some justfollow the prevalent tradition to continue an educational process and get a diploma. Does the importance of getting higher education do exist today? If yes, so what kind of real prospects canuniversities propose to their students?
Minsk State Linguistic University is one of the best in Belarus. Its departments teach the students of different specializations such as intercultural communication,translation and instruction. So, what is waiting for them in the sequel? Imagine that you are the student of linguistic university. Here it is some of my thoughts.

Knowledge is power. During thestudy you may begin working. You are enough skilled to teach pupils of primary and secondary schools. Just explain the rules, pronunciation phenomena and other important things within the particularlanguage. Get money and experience. And also train your abilities. That’s a plus, isn’t it?
Language is your start. Foreign languages let us find an occupation abroad. When you possess several languages,it’ll be efficient to meet people from other countries, get acquainted with your potential employer or even business associate. Make small talks with influent people; form an impression of polite,experienced and self-confident person. Connect with bankers and lawyers. Become a shareholder. And so on. Good command of a language may help in business the same way as other profitable knowledge.Knowledge is a fresh idea. An idea makes your career. It doesn’t matter if you are school teacher or a guide from a large travel agency; fresh sight, your own fresh opinion may play a significant role inyour career and in your life. Open your own business, keep an eye on people’s need, find something new – and you’ll certainly be a success!
Get married to a foreigner. Why not? Finally, so many...
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