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Olga Petranevskaya
Ksenia Komashko
Marina Chazova
Irina Bevz
Case study – Coopers Brewery

Mission Statement: “Our family brewery creates
Great crafted beers andother natural products
For the enjoyment of everyone”.


This case is about how Coopers Brewery, a very small family-owned fourth generation family business, foughtoff a determined takeover bid by an international brewer. Today the Coopers Brewery is still owned and operated by fourth and fifth generation descendents of Thomas.

1. Analyze the Australianbrewing industry. What are its key driving forces?
Today Coopers is the only remaining family owned brewing in Australia!
The company, which touts itself as the third largestbrewer in Australia, offers a range of popular ales, lagers, and stouts, including Coopers Premium Lager, Coopers DB, Best Extra Stout, Heritage Premium Ale, and its flagship Sparkling Ale. More than anyother Australian brewery, Coopers has grown significant market share over the past two decades on the back of increased demand for alternative beer styles.
In the early days, Coopers was notwithout plenty of stiff competition. By 1868 there were 10 metropolitan and 33 country breweries in South Australia alone. Of course today the bulk of Australia’s beer production is carried out by a fewmulti-national companies.
The brewery is also enjoying astonishing success outside its home state. In the past financial year, nationwide sales have increased by 14 per cent, with growth of 50per cent in Western Australia and 40 per cent in Queensland.

Key driving forces
• High quality product similar in taste to commercial beer.
• Easy to use product.
• Comprehensiveinstruction leaflet and video.
• Attractive can and starter kit which are highly visible in store.
• Widespread distribution.
• No additives or preservatives.

2. What is Coopers´ business strategy?...
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