• 23 дек. 2010 г.
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Clothes history, since ancient times and up to now, as thought a mirror in which all history of mankind is reflected. Each country, each people at the time of thedevelopment have left the marks, the lines on clothes of people. People throughout many centuries, in any society used clothes and ornaments as the form of nonverbalcommunications, to show in what they trades and than are engaged. As, by means of clothes and ornaments people tried to show the place in a society, the clothes, a site and a class.The fashion is an original form of a speech. The fashion covers not only clothes, but also accessories, jewellery, hairdresses. Criteria of beauty, a make-up and manyother things. The fashion to aspire to the best, to convenience sometimes returning something from last years. The fashion always goes for the blessing to people helping themto feel more free with a wide choice of clothes and to choose something individual for itself.
The well-know fashion designers, such as V. Zajtsev, sketch their ideas,then create sample garments. Then from a select fabric and trimmings create model for a draw. On a draw on model modify on a figure and ready model let out on a podium.Designers not only think out clothes models, but also accessories to them, spirits. Designers specialize basically in one type of garment or accessory such as men or womenwear, children garments, swimwear, lingerie, handbags, or shoes.
The modern fashion is a tool of ideology. The persuasive fashion can influence taste in a return kind. Whenthere is no special alternative at clothes choice the imagination of the person is limited. After all for already all have thought over what to dress, what to put and etc.
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