• 16 дек. 2010 г.
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The 11th of September subverted the present public order and peace. It has provoked the social classes by manipulating their racial differences. We can explain the purpose of terrorism underthe approaches. But all the blame is ignorance.

Ignorance has been and always will be the cause of the destruction of lives, the planet and its resources, and anything that attempts toobstruct it. Ignorance is a disease which sadly is wide spread through out the world whether it’s the Middle East, the Far East, or the West. The only cure for this plague is basing beliefs onactual facts not theories and having the strength to admit mistakes and following through on correcting short comings. The September 11th attacks on the world trade center and the pentagonwas classified as commit terrorism and have caused public shock, outrage and fear of millions families and people across the globe.

Terrorists’ objectives are political statements made tobring light to issues like the occupation of Holy Land and what they feel is genocide occurring in Muslim nations in Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and obviously the Middle East. Theseconflicts are ignored by most of the world including America. These terrorists take extreme measures commiting racial hate crimes and ethnic cleansing thousands of innocent unsuspecting civilians tomake a statement for what they feel is an extreme situation increasing day by day. A man in Palestine might say that America was asking for it, and an American man may blame Islammisunderstanding the political assaults of the terrorists.

Whenever we point our finger we have three pointing right back ourselves. If everyone could focus on their own ignorance and gain knowledgethey will have found the cure in themselves. If people could look at themselves and honestly confront their demons there would not have to be so much suffering and pain in the world.
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