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WMI Diagnosis Tool 2.0

Alain Lissoir
Senior Program Manager
Microsoft Corporation
Version 2.0
Monday, January 22, 2007

What is the WMI Diagnosis Tool? 4

Requirements 4

Getting started 4

How do I run the WMI Diagnosis Tool? 4
Where does the WMI Diagnosis Tool report? 5
How can I send the WMI Diagnosis Tool results to Microsoft? 5
How do I run WMI Diagnosis Tool totroubleshoot WMI? 5

WMI Diagnosis Tool return codes classification 8

Sample command line arguments 10

WMI Diagnosis Tool general questions 12

1. Where can I get the WMI Diagnosis Tool? 12
2. Are there any plans to include the WMI Diagnosis Tool in new versions of Windows? 13
3. Is there a WMI Diagnosis Tool version for Longhorn Server? 13
4. Is it possible to "officially" engage Microsoft forfeedback on this tool? 13
5. Did Microsoft develop this tool as a script knowing that a lot of us will enhance it for our own uses? 13
6. Is there any documentation describing what the WMI Diagnosis Tool does not check? 13
7. How much development time went into creating WMI Diagnosis Tool? 13
8. Are there plans to document the top problems customers find with WMI Diagnosis Tool? 13
9. Do youplan to write future versions of WMI Diagnosis Tool in compiled code instead of a scripted version? 14
10. Is it possible to store WMI Diagnosis Tool information in a SQL database instead of a LOG file? 14
11. Is there a release date planned for the next WMI Diagnosis Tool version? 14
12. Is there an e-mail address to send feature requests for future versions? 14
13. What are the new featuresplanned for the next WMI Diagnosis Tool version? 14
14. Is there an Internet BLOG for WMI Diagnosis Tool? 14

WMI Diagnosis Tool usage questions 14

1. How do you use the Excel spreadsheet that comes with the WMI Diagnosis Tool? 14
2. How do I know what to fix once the WMI Diagnosis Tool has executed successfully? 16
3. Can you run the WMI Diagnosis Tool in a RUNAS command? 16
4. Can theWMI Diagnosis Tool diagnose a remote computer? 16
5. Can the WMI Diagnosis Tool be remotely executed with Windows Remote Shell (WinRS) on Windows Vista? 16
6. Can WMI Diagnosis Tool be remotely executed with PSEXEC.EXE from on a remote computer? 17
7. Can WMI Diagnosis Tool be run using “WMIC process call create”? 17
8. Does the WMI Diagnosis Tool fix problems it discovers? 17
9. By limitingWMI Diagnosis Tool to check only one namespace, are you missing some possible error detections? 17
10. If the repository has been deleted and the computer still reports WMI errors, can this situation be resolved with the WMI Diagnosis Tool? 18
11. Can the WMI Diagnosis Tool identify the problem and root causes of the repository that is growing very large (+300 MB)? 18
12. Does the WMI DiagnosisTool report on any security settings or problems with rights? 18
13. Does the WMI Diagnosis Tool output ERRORELEVEL codes? 18
14. How can I determine if I am using the latest version of the WMI Diagnosis Tool? 19
15. If Version A of WMIy.dll and Version B of WMIx.dll are present on a system, does the WMI Diagnosis Tool tool detect that scenario? 19
16. Will the log have a unique name, or canyou specify a log name (perhaps with computer name as a variable)? 19
17. When running the WMI Diagnosis Tool, can we combine multiple command line parameters? 19
18. How frequent should the WMI Diagnosis Tool should be used? 20
19. Is the WMI Diagnosis Tool a good utility to run on Windows 2000 computers that are going to be upgraded to Windows Server 2003 using the upgrade path? 20

WMIDiagnosis Tool and SMS Questions 20

1. Does the WMI Diagnosis Tool work with the SMS 2003 Advanced Client? 20
2. Can the WMI Diagnosis Tool find serious WMI problems if the SMS client needs a healthy WMI infrastructure to work? 20
3. Is there a best practice for WMI Diagnosis Tool parameters in order to find common errors when deployed via SMS 2003? 20
4. Does Microsoft recommend that...
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