• 03 дек. 2010 г.
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Hi! I’m Nastya. I’m Ira.
N. Do you know this music?
I. of course. This is the anthem of the the USA.
N. Why do we listen to this music? Do you guees?
I. Yes, I do. Because wewould like to tell students about the presidents of America.
N. Really. This song suits us. And do you know how many are there presidents in the United states?
I. Forty four. I alsoknow the name of the 1st president. George Washington was the 1st president. Americans say that he is “a father of nation”. They are proud of him.
N. Naturaly. Amerincans respecttheir presidents very much. Thomas Jefferson was the author of the Independence Declaration. He was the 3rd president.
I. What does mean the Independence Decloration?
N. Who wasthe second?
I. The second president was John Adams. He was the 1st president who lived and worked in the White House.
N. It’s great! I know that the nine president were elected twice.Franklin D. Roosevelt was the president for three times. And William Henry Harrison was the president for the shortest time. Only one wonth. He is died?
I. You won’t believe this. Iknow more terrible facts four presidents of the USA were Killed. Do you know their names? ….I help you. They were Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinly and John Kennedy.N.How awfull! That’s typical for the USA!
I. Yes, John Kennedy was the youngest president. He was 43.
N. Well, I now more interesting facts. Three presidents: Washington, Grant andEisenhower served in army and they were generals. Theodore Roosevelt was the 26 th president and he was the colonel.
I. Actually. They were strong, brave and courageous men. Theyare pride of the nation.
N. By the way, the last fact from the life of presidents. Virginia was called “the president’s state”, because 8 presidents were born here.
I. It’s fantastic!
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