Hotel management

  • 11 марта 2011 г.
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Term: Winter of 2009-2010


Hotel managers run room rental businesses.Duties vary with the size and type of the business. MANAGERS OF LARGE HOTELS.In large hotels, general managers are in charge of the entire hotel. They set room rates, monitor income and expenses, andsupervise other staff. Large hotels have restaurants and meeting rooms. These hotels hire assistant managers to supervise the various areas of the hotel. Often, the job title of the assistant managerdescribes their duties. General manager has responsibility over the entire hotel. The general manager must oversee all over management and make sure every aspect of the hotel is running as intended.The general manager is also in charge of hiring and firing staff, as well as approving funds to different departments within the hotel.
Lodging managers are responsible for a small establishment andstaff. They must ensure that the lodge is run in an efficient manner and often run all aspects of the hotel. Lodges have a more personal and home-like feel than a large hotel.Employment of lodgingmanagers is decreasing more than other management positions in the hospitality field. This is mostly due to the long hours and stressful work environment. The lodging manager also averages less money thana general managers. Those with degrees in hospitality management have the best chance at obtaining a management position. Executive housekeepers make sure that all areas of the hotel are clean. Frontoffice managers are in charge of reservations and room assignments. Food and beverage managers oversee restaurants and banquets. They plan menus, set prices, and order supplies. Convention servicesmanagers coordinate all hotel activities related to meetings. They meet with clients and plan a schedule. Then they work with the food service and front office managers to serve and lodge the...
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