Moscow state technical university named after bauman essay acoustic emission

  • 18 марта 2011 г.
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The appearance of new technologies as well as the perfection of traditional ones is mostly based on the results of research in the fields of solid physics, quantum mechanics, physical chemistry andother fundamental disciplines. That is why perspective methods of technological diagnostic must have an advanced trend of development comparing to the development of new structure and shape formingmethods.

Intensification of science research in the fields of emission methods analysis reflects the above-mentioned matters. Emission diagnostics methods are based on the effect of radiation ofelastic deformation waves, electrons and electromagnetic waves by studied object. Object condition is identified registration and analysis of radiation parameters based on the condition change can bemade. The above methods represent so called inner energy methods and have a number of advantages allied with anomalies of material structure.

Amongst diagnostic methods the most widely spread in fieldof machinery construction is an acoustic emission method based on generation of elastic deformation waves in solid body caused by defect development, phase transformation and other elapsing processes.Analysis of all parameters allows to make judgement, regarding damage dynamics of material. It is used effectively for undamaging control while testing and using articles.

It is necessary tomention that an acoustic emission method is one of the newest and most prospective diagnostic methods. It is physical nature causes expanding fields of application for the method in technology.

Firstworks by acoustic emission method appeared in 70s. This works fulfilled in the late 70s and early 80s are characterized by fairly narrow range of technological tasks, connected mostly with tool wearcontrol.

Sources of an acoustic emission are divided into internal and external. First ones are sources located on object’s surface. For example, acoustic emission caused by friction, blow,...
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