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Л.М. Левина, А.Н. Гладкова


(PART 2)

Учебно-методические материалы для студентов

начального этапа обучения

Нижний Новгород


Печатается по решениюредакционно-издательского совета НГЛУ
им. Н.А. Добролюбова

УДК 802.0 (075.83)

Talking about Myself (Part 2). Учебно-методические материалы для начального этапа обучения. /Л.М. Левина, А.Н. Гладкова. – Нижний Новгород: НГЛУ
им. Н.А. Добролюбова, 2011. – 56 с.

Настоящее пособие предназначено для целенаправленной работы над устной речью и аудированием на первом курсе языкового вуза, младших курсахнеязыковых вузов, а также для самостоятельного углубленного изучения английского языка. В основе отбора материала и создания системы упражнений - разработанная кафедрой английского языка и американистики НГЛУ им. Н. А. Добролюбова концепция обучения английскому языку в контексте американской культуры.

Составители: Л.М. Левина, канд.фил.наук, доцент кафедры английского
языка и американистикиНГЛУ им.Н.А. Добролюбова
А.Н. Гладкова, ассистент кафедры английского языка и

Рецензенты: Л.В. Романовская, канд.филол.наук, доцент кафедры англий-
ского языка и американистики
Е.А. Максименко, доцент кафедры основ английского языка

С Издательство НГЛУ им. Н.А. Добролюбова, 2011 г.Introduction
To the Teacher
“Talking about Myself” was developed as part of the integrated course “You Can Do It!” for two-level instruction (false-beginners and intermediate levels) and is aimed at developing speaking and listening skills. It can be used as a core manual for freshmen majoring in American English or as supplementary materials for studentsspecializing in British English. It’s highly flexible and can be very beneficial for and easily integrated into other educational materials used in class or for individual study.
The manual is carefully organized by unit theme, vocabulary, learning strategies, language functions (situation usage of language) and competencies (life skills). The materials are an accumulation of several years of teamworkon the project “Culture-based Language Learning” and have been successfully tested in the classroom.

To the Student
We hope you’ll learn with the same enthusiasm and love of English we shared while compiling the manual. We treasure the slogan a group of our students created for the American program: “Can American English be learned (and taught, we add) without a smile?”. So, before you getstarted spread your lips and … keep smiling and enjoy learning. Expressing yourself in good English is exciting for both the teacher and students, and hard work too.

Good luck in your challenging and thrilling adventure in the mysteries of language and culture!

We’d like to express our appreciation, first and foremost, to Margarita Krasilnikova, American Center Director and Headof American English Department, and all the staff of the American English Department for the encouragement and cooperation.
The work with Anna Alifanova and her expert typing of the first part of the manuscript is also much appreciated.
Our special thanks go to Mr. David Radmore and Mrs. Audrey. R. Radmore from Stockton, California, whose comments, advice, and help were of greatvalue.
We want to thank our colleague from the British English Department Elena Maksimenko for reviewing the manuscript and Tatyana Kudryashova and Ludmila Shakhrova for editting.
L. Levina, A. Gladkova

Unit 3 AlL in a day
Introducing the Topic
( Listen and practice.
Marie: What do you usually do on your...
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