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  • 13 марта 2011 г.
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Part A
Answers for the question number 1.
a) A leader that has a positive mindset, are able to engage staff in a way they feel valued and appreciated, knows their own limits and has attitudesand behaviors that role models positivity to those they work with. A good leader is lasting success and provides a work environment with three key qualities: stability, safety and reference.
b) Tobuild a productive culture at work. We will need .
1) Fair and equal treatment of all employees.
2) Achievements recognized and rewarded.
3) Open management style.
4) Regularfeedback.
5) Open and honest communication.
6) Clear goals set out.
7) Regular training.
8) Equal opportunities for all employees.
9) The most important is to show respect to each other.c) To change the management in the workplace.
1) The need for nature and the scope of the change.
2) Employees affected by the change proposal.
3) Proposal for training and retrainingif required, as well any proposal for redeployment.
4) Implication for OH&S and quality of work /life, measures to minimize the adverse effects.
5) Proposed rate and timing of implementation.6) Effects on staffing, organization and work patterns.
7) Expected benefits and adverse effects of the charge.

d) Consultation: meaningful discussion, advice and receiving and givingof opinion and ideas.
Communication: dissemination of information, conversing between parties and the sharing of information.
There are legal requirements relating to workplace communication andconsultation, and these must be considered when deciding upon the need for and management of a safety committee. The Employer shall ensure that a system of consultation and communication is established,implemented and maintained. The system should incorporate mechanisms to ensure that return-to-work and OHS information is correct and made available to
internal and external stakeholders....
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