Summary of the article

  • 28 марта 2011 г.
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Summary of the article

The article under discussion is headlined “Development of creative abilities of pupils at the English lesson.
The article is published in the journal “Anglijiskamova ta literatura” (English Language and literature), issue 24, August, 2008.
The author of the article is I.P. Anikeeva, an English teacher of a comprehensive secondary school BilotserckivskyDistrict, Kyiv Region.
The article is addressed to methodologists teachers of English and post-graduate students of Foreign Languages Departments.
The object of the research is to show how todevelop pupils creative abilities and their cognitive interests by way of using various activities at the English lessons.
The subject matter of the article falls into 4 parts:
1. theprinciple pedagogical idea;
2. scientific – theoretical basis;
3. technology of activity;
4. results and conditions of efficiency.
Reference is made to the researches ofthe famous native scholars and methodologists such as Passov, Scalkin, Rogova, Nikolaeva and Sklyarenko and others.
The author claims that the following factors contribute to the development ofpupils creative abilities:
• the use of various methods and techniques;
• the use of music and songs, bright visual aids, didactic materials and hand-outs with creative tasks;• organization of pair and team work;
• creation of problem situation with elements of something new, unexpected and surprising;
• introduction of project methods and module ratingsystem;
• the use of different games and role-plays, non-standard forms of the organization of the educational process.
The author gives consideration to the role of the teacher in theprocess of the development of pupils’ creative abilities.
The teacher’s professional training and his ability to find a creative approach to the educational process is beyond any doubt.
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