The public health service

  • 14 марта 2011 г.
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The Public Health Service
The public health services in our republic embrace the entire population and are financed substantially by the state budget. The network of clinics (polyclinics),hospitals, maternity homes and nursing centres is quite large. You will find local medical centers not only in your neighbourhood but at all big factories and farms.
The patients pay nothing fortreatment. Medical centers provide services free of charge. There are, of course, private practitioners who charge for visits. Main emphasis is laid on prevention or prophylactics. The saying has it that"an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".
Periodical medical examinations are sometimes practised here. А general examination is also required of persons planning to spend their holiday ata health resort.
The all-out effort against epidemics deserves special mention. Many diseases have been, stamped out. Medicine is advancing further and is successfully trying to smite with heartdiseases and cancer that take the highest toll of human lives.
In some countries, such as Canada, medical care is also free. All immigrants and refugees have a health card with a number on it;they present the card when they enter a health facility. People may visit the doctor, go to the hospital for surgery or tests, without paying, Students and visitors on visas would have to pay forhealth care.
In the United States, however, health care is very expensive. A visit to the doctor may cost from S25 to $250. Hospital care can cost more than $200 a day. Because health care is soexpensive, most people have health insurance. In this way, they pay a flat fee for individual of family coverage. The insurance company then pays all or part of their medical bills.
In Great Britainthere is an organization called the National Health Service (NHS), which is famous for providing free, good-quality health care. It is available to everyone, including foreigners who become ill in...
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