The war on terrorism

  • 04 апр. 2011 г.
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Can the Global War on Terrorism Be Won?
From Realist Perspective

Subject: Theories of International Relations, Fall 2010

Almaty 2010

Nowadays, the issue of the morality of terrorism is very controversial, since no one can give an appropriate and argumentative answer on this question. Nevertheless, people on the all continents are trying to understandthe idea and the morality of the terrorism existence, since all this events like September 11, attacks in Beslan school still in our memory, and may be while some people do not understand why this issue so important and why we are talking about it so much, relatives of these children and people who were in World Trade Center be out for answers and justice.
Besides, despite the fact that no one ofthe officials and no one at all cannot say the reason of terrorism, it is much more interesting to find the answer for such questions like why people fight, what is war on terrorism, how to fight on this war, and all in all how this war can be won. Since realism from the ancient times was one of the most popular approaches in the issue of security problems and its solutions, this paper will bethe answer to all the previous questions from realist perspective. However, I would like to underline that personally for me the issue of terrorism can be better identified from the liberalist view, but the aim of this paper not to tell about the business in terrors, not to say the prices of all terror attacks, the aim is to find the roots, and to see terrorism from the inside, to find its goals,morality and all in all to make a conclusion which will be the answer for the main question of this article: can the global on war on terrorism can be won.

During last ten years people can watch on television the terrifying pictures of September 11, 2001, or pictures of little children from Beslan School and hear the loud slogans “USA against terrorism”, “War on terrorism will bewon by USA”, and so on. But when this war started, what were the prerequisites for this war, did somebody predict it? In addition to all these, the main question is: can this new type of war be won, and if yeas, how it will happen and when?
On September 11, 2001 nineteen members of the Islamic terrorist group al Qaeda hijacked four jet airliners and turned them into deadly fuel-laden missilesaimed at targets on American soil. Two of the hijacked planes crashed into the twin towers of New York City’s World Trade Center, while a third was guided into the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. The fourth plane never found its target because the captive passengers decided to fight their hijackers, causing the aircraft to crash into a field in Pennsylvania. In addition to all nineteen terrorists,nearly three thousand people, Americans and foreign visitors died in the tragic attacks. It was the worst such calamity in recent American history. A total of one thousand Americans had died at the hands of terrorists in the United States and abroad over the three decades prior to 2001, but no single incident had claimed more than five hundred lives. The attacks on September 11 were trulyunprecedented. In response to the devastating terrorist act, less than 12 hours after the attacks, George W. Bush proclaimed the start of a global war on terror, so it was the beginning of this new 21st century’s war (; BBC News)
Ever since, there has been a vigorous debate about how to win it. Bush and his supporters stress the need to go on the offensive against terrorists, deploy U.S. militaryforce, promote democracy in the Middle East, and give the commander in chief expansive wartime powers. His critics either challenge the very notion of a "war on terror" or focus on the need to fight it differently. Most leading Democrats accept the need to use force in some cases but argue that success will come through reestablishing the United States' moral authority and ideological appeal,...
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