Theory of lies

  • 13 марта 2011 г.
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Theory of lying
Everybody knows what is lie, but not everyone heard that psychologists have a big theory of it. Lie is probably as old as the humanity. Ancient philosophers wrote about that; it is written in the Bible. Life is evolving, moving forward, and deception still escorted to our lives, which makes a lot of trouble: it is very unpleasant to feel deceived by a person.
Falsehood - thephenomenon of communication, consisting of deliberately distorting the real situation, most often expressed in the content of voice messages, which cannot be verified immediately. The purpose of a lie is to confuse the listeners.
The essence of falsehood is when a person believes or thinks one thing, but consciously expresses another. The purpose of that is to convey a false message that distortsthe truth. Psychological studies show that most people that are lying have low resistance to stress, increased anxiety, and are prone to committing anti - social behavior. At the same time there is no evidence that the level of intelligence and education influences the frequency of lying. Interestingly, the ability to successfully lie does not affect the ability to determine when somebody lies toyou.
A prominent American scientist Paul Ekman in his book "The Psychology of Lies" wrote: "The lie is so natural that it plainly can be attributed to almost all spheres of human activity. Some may flinch from such statements, because they believe that a lie is reprehensible." Indeed, we should recognize that lying is an integral part of human life, manifested in a variety of situations, andtherefore, this phenomenon can be explained in different ways. Lying man can have selfish motives and goals, for example, to achieve personal well-being at the expense of other people. Such a lie is condemned by the society. Indeed, many were faced with this and some more than once.
Lying for the sake of profit is quite common. An example: the various links on the Internet. Often starts with asimple "click here, you won a million." Next you are asked to write credit card or other personal information, which allows the other party to transfer money or otherwise profit from the victim. This form of deception is called a scam. There are millions examples like that. Each Internet user faced such links many times. Some people understand that this is a scam, and some people believe in their“luck” and carry out all instructions.
Not long time ago I came across on the internet profile for the lottery. The lottery was for the US Residency Permits or Green Card, but when one examines the site it, immediately becomes clear that this is a scam. However, I was curious what they are doing to obtain money fraudulently. After all, at first they simply asked to complete a questionnaire with suchtrivial matters as: name, age, education and a mobile phone number. Questions are perfectly normal and do not threaten your money, because no such issues were there. I filled the questionnaire.
The result amused me the very next day. It took only 8 - 10 hours after filling in my “application” for “them” to call to my cell phone. The first call rang when I was still asleep. I answered the calland they began to ask questions that confirm the “authenticity” of my application. In the middle of a call connection was lost and I went back to sleep. A few minutes later, they called again, but I did not answer. After a couple of hours they called me again. At that moment I was awake already. I decided this time to talk with them normally. They clarified my data again. And then they started lyingoutright that I am highly ranked under this program and I have a great chance to win the Green Card. However, they told me that every day in almost all countries around the world they are filling hundreds of these questionnaires. I have odds of winning, but they are very small and the consideration of my candidacy may take years. They told me that they can help me in this. To do this I just...
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