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ESL 3 October 10, 2010
Profile essay draft

Nowadays people are starting to think about the energy consuming more carefully. More and more people say that our planet is runnig out of the fossil fuels and we have to find the alternative way of getting the energy.The renewable energy is less efficient but less harmful to the enviroment. There are various types of renewable energy and wind power is one of the most competetive in the world. One of the biggest wind power plants in the world is «Vestas» located in Denmark. Through time «Vestas» became the leader in wind energy. Their main point is that wind energy is as reliable as the fossil fuels, butit does not pollute the enviroment which is main problem of the 21st century. They believe that one day wind energy will completely replace the oil and gas. The quick and successful development of Vestas' business gives a very clear example to the other countries in the world, it is not as problematic as it says in the mass media.
Everyday the workers of Vestas are fighting for theirtop place in the energy agenda. Their hard work includes the mass media activity and relations with politicians from all over the world. Vestas mission is «Failure in not an option». In order to avoid the failures they are constantly seeking for new possible improvements. Their mission is to provide No 1 safety in the world for their customers. In order to keep the reputation of Vestas, it isimportant to regularly establish the new relations with the new suppliers.
All the achieved work would not be possible without the diligent employees, the willpower, imagination, creativity and the skill to continuosly develop the technology. As you notice the lights of houses which are getting the electricity from Vestas turbines you can feel the willpower and passion possesed by the team ofemployees. The basis of all Vestas' activities are : reliability, common sense and principles. Code of Conduct has been created specially for all the employees and other persons to ensure that everyone knows how to act correctly. As a consequence of the creation of the Code of Conduct, Vestas recently joined teh World Economic Forum Partnering Against Corruption Initiative.

Populationgrowth rate is increasing every year and it is believed that by year 2030 there will be nine billion people on our planet. Will Earth be able to supply the society and support the power progress with fuel or we will have to completely switch to the renewable energy. Only in 2007 the energy consumption reached its peak, the United States was at the top at the chart, 20 680 000 bbl of energy wereused per day. After United States is China, 7 578 000 bbl were used per day. Every year the energy use increases by 2 % and as a result it leads to a doubling of the energy consumption every 35 years. It will dramatically affect our enviroment and can lead to the things that could not be changed. We have to change out attitude to reduce our personal energy consumption.
Business partnersare very important to Vestas, because they hekp to achieve the certain levels and fullfill the ambitions for wind energy to be adventageous for the society. Business partners are customers, sub-suppliers, transporation companies, etc. Vestas is keep spreading the news about itself in order to keep developing on the market. One of the goals is to develop the capability and understanding of itssustainability activities among its busibess partners.
There are several disadvantages about the wind turbines concerning the enviroment. They produce the huge amount of noise, for example, or they destroy the landscape because of the bulky construction. Also there is an impact of the production, transporation, erection and eventual dismantling of the turbines. However, Vestas is trying to...
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