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What is "customer profile"? Explain. Describe the customer profile of (dictionaries, top quality perfume, handcrafted clothes).
Customer profile is the sort of person who will buy the product. Customer profile includes full as it possible information about a customer. This information contains customer's age, sex, social status (income). I want to describe customer profile of top qualityperfume. In my opinion if a customer wants to buy top quality perfume he or she must be in middle ages because top quality perfume is also used to accentuate a kind of work. I think this should be a successful businessman or businesswoman, as I think only well-off people can afford buying such expensive perfume. (As high quality needs good money) So I must conclude my thoughts. A customer must be25-45 years old, it can be both male and female, a customer is well-off, and he or she is a businessman or a person who must have a lot of meetings with other people. In my own opinion anyone who wants to emphasize his own style may use top quality perfume.

2. Speak on advantages and disadvantages of disposable products, fmcgs(fast moving consumer goods - товары повседневного спроса) and consumerdurables. Name several items belonging to these categories and give examples of the companies producing them.
All goods in the market can be generally divided into three groups: disposal (throwaway) goods, fmcgs and consumer durables. Disposable products are such products which uses only once and aren't fit for secondary use. These products have its advantages and disadvantages. Let start withadvantages. The main advantage, that the prices of disposable products are low, and they have combination of simplicity and reliability, so they are available for most of ordinary people. And they are sold particularly everywhere. What concerns disadvantages of disposable products, the main disadvantage, that these products are not environmentally friendly. They do a lot of harm to nature. Mainlydisposable products are made from plastic, glass, polythene, in other words from materials that don t break down into components, so they destroy our biosphere. One of the most famous and the largest companies which produce disposable products is a French company Bic. Bic was the first company which began producing such kind of products. Its most popular products are lighters, razors, pens andtoiletries. *look sheet 2*

3. You want to start your own business to open a retail outlet. Which one would you choose traditional one (a shop, supermarket, etc) or a virtual one (an Internet shop, TV shop).
The main advantage of traditional shops is that a customer can touch and feel the product and estimate its quality. For example: long queues, crowds, lack of parking space and so on.Shopping via the Internet is more convenient for people. They may do their shopping sitting in chairs. More over the prices are much lower in the virtual shops. By the way a lot of people are afraid of frauds. That s why when choosing this or that way of retailing I must know what I will sell: what kind of products, volume of the product. At second I must know for whom I will sell mygoods: what social level of people will buy my goods. I must learn everything about my competitors and only after that I can start my own business. If I want to sell food or perishable goods, and volume of my goods won't be very big, I must open a simple shop. But if I won t sell perishable goods, if I want to sell electro technology, I'll open an internet shop. If I have anInternet shop, I won t need to pay a lot of additional taxes and invest a lot of money into my business. I don t think I will have to hire a lot of workers. The only things I will need are a computer and a warehouse.

4. Prove that good customer care is extremly important for any business. Give examples of codes of practice of companies you know.
Nowadays more and more companies are addicted...
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