A child called “It” book review

  • 08 дек. 2010 г.
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I was so very deeply disturbed when I read the book A Child Called “It” by David Pelzer, which is his autobiography. This is a story about one of the worst child abuse cases in California's history;moreover, it is a moving and heart wrenching text of one child’s great unhappiness. This book is a "page turner," it’s easy to read, but difficult to comprehend how any mother could treat her childthe way David’s mother did.
David Pelzer’s alcoholic mother, Catherine Pelzer abuses him by starvation and nearly kills him once by stabbing him. Given that Mother is starving him for days, he beginsto steal food in order to survive, but when she finds out that he has stolen food, she abuses him even more. His father, Stephen Joseph Pelzer, a fireman in San Francisco and a frightened man, watchesDave’s beatings and humiliations, but does nothing. For instance, when David’s mother broke his arm she made him suffer through the night so she could pass it off as a fall off a top bunk. However,this incident seemed too pale in the parody of the stabbing, where she simply bound his wounds and let him heal at home without any medical help. She knew if she took him to the hospital that there shewould be questioned and she would be under suspicion. Sadly, when David turns to his father for help, he simply tells him to go back and finish the dishes before his mother notices. He lets his childstand there and bleed on the carpet and does nothing. Why does he put his comfort over the safety of his child? It’s beyond me. Is it possible for any loving parent to do something like this? Also,Catherine stops calling David by name; instead, she refers to him as “the boy.” Her purpose is to demean and belittle her child until he has no self confidence left, or any sense of personal dignity;she wants him to feel unworthy. She knows that a human being that believes in themselves will fight back and reject being degraded. The mother’s constant spew of criticism is intended for just one...
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