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  • 16 марта 2011 г.
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My Hobby

Frankly speaking, I thought, analyzed, tried to find in my life something reminding this mysterious concept hobby. But unfortunately or may be fortunatelyI have not found any similar. This word disgust me because it’s foreign, and even being the pitiful representative of my country, I am nevertheless it’s true patriot. But circumstances in spite of itforce me to start writing, and with heavy heart I sit myself at the table and begin to state.
As it seames to me I have once already mentioned in one of my previous compositions that my life isordinary and mediocre. I am a student. I think it talks about many things, if not about all. Yes, I belong to the huge brotherhood of the students. Yes, I relatively live by their being. Yes, I haveimbibed their merits and lacks. Yes, it is hard to distinguish me in this waving and storming human sea representing the most "progressive" part of our society - youth. But in spite of it I’m not likethey are. Perhaps, that is too courageous statement. Likely, I am too selfish and self-confident, but I have quite other interests then they have (certainly, I am talking not about all of them). I amthe person of other epoch, other world, although I am connected to them by some things. In particular the computer is one of my enthusiasmes. I consider that this creation of human genius must and isable to advance the human race on the way of the historical progress. There are instants, when I want to comprehend it from different directions, to learn all it’s smallest details and characteristic...
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