• 28 янв. 2011 г.
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Казахстан. Атырауская область. Индерский район.

Тилеккабыл Нарни Абдоллуовна
Кулагинская национальная гимназия
учитель английского языка
ІІ категория

Save the nature!
The aims of thelesson:
Educational: to consolidate lexical stock, to encourage students dialogue and to
express their opinions, to enrich students vocabulary.Developing: to develop pupils speaking habits and self working skills
Bringing-up: to educate pupils save the nature of the world and care for theirriches.
Inter-subject connection: Kazakh, Russian, geography
The type of the lesson: computer-based, integrative
Methods of teaching: explanation, demonstration,presentation
The equipment of the lesson: A) Visual aids: diagrams on the tasks, pictures posters
B) Technical means: computers, note- books, interactiveboard, E- book by programme “Baiterek”
Epigraph: The Earth and ocean seem to sleep in one another's arms, and dream of waves,flowers, clouds, rocks, and all that we read in their smiles , and call reality.Percy Shelley
The plan of the lesson:
I. Organization moment
II. The golden rules
III. Brainstorming
ІҮ. Checking the home task
Ү. Presentation. New theme ”Savethe nature !”
ҮІ. Vocabulary: environment, to pollute, simultaneously, trash, to destroy the ozone layer,
ozone layer, acid rain, to affect, wildlife, absorb
ҮІІ. Listening comprehension.Text ”Problems of the world around us”(from the
electronic text-book)
ҮІІІ. Activities
ІХ. Work with book. Creative works
Х. Conclusion. Check yourself
ХІ. Evaluation
ХІІ. Home- work...
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