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  • 08 марта 2011 г.
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Customs tradition and high days in United kindom

There are a lot of customs and traditions in United kindom. Every year British have many high days in concordance with their traditions. They arecelebrating Christmas, Christmas-tide, Good Friday, Valentine`s day and many others.
New year. In UK (excepting Scotland) that date`s celebrating isn`t more generally. Many peoples are going tobed in New year`s night in order that go to work next day.They are not sending greeting card or give presents, because the 1`st Yanuary is a workday. But many peoples celebrating New year inconcordance with their famili traditions.The youngsters going on a dancing partyes in restaurants, hotels.The bands playing convivial music and mirth are reigning around.But english New year is not officialholiday.
St valentine`s day. This day (the 14 february) all teenagers and many others adults waiting for red-letter from their kinsfolks and girlfriends or boyfriends.Many red-leters are inditinganonymous.Generally, they are writing for the most beloved people.This holiday is near 6 centuries old.This custom is rife in England.On the legend, all birds choose a pair in this day.Some kids haveinvent a few descants, such as:
Good morrow, Valentine,
First-tis you,
Then-it`s mine,
Give me, please a Valentine.

Then kids are singing these descants someadults give them fruits, sweet loafs or some money. Valentine`s day is a very famous custom-it get us a potential to surprise and be surprised. What can be better?
Pancake`s day or "FattyTuesday".From the many offbeat and old traditions of England are exist very inviting by their particularity.For example,"Pancake`s day"is similar on Russia`s shrovetide.But it doesn`t matter, that the Britisheat Pancakes in this day.Of course,pancakes are not so popular as bacon and eggs.The English are celebrating "Pancake`s day" in "Fatty Tuesday".A long time ago Galileans mustn`t eat grease, milk and...
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