Analysis of layout

  • 02 марта 2011 г.
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Business description
We chose one of the most common types of small businesses. This is a small cafe called "Almaty Food House”. It is located on the street Mustafina. It was opened recently in November of the last year. This small cafe is aimed at people with middle and low income. The cafe does not sell alcoholic beverages and smoking is not allowed. The main stream of visitors comes atlunchtime and evening. At the weekend café creates conditions for children: sales ice cream and turn on cartoons. In “Almaty food house” you can have tasty and inexpensive lunch and dinner dishes from the Oriental and European cuisine. The menu consists of home cooking; soups; chicken dishes; dishes from beef, lamb, side; salads; pizzas; desserts; hot and cold drinks; fast food.
Degree of competitionAlmaty Food House is located on the same street with a lot of other cafes. This has the advantage that people aspire to this street in search of lunch or dinner, as well as recreation. The main competitors are the Cafe “Del Papa”, a beer garden “Bochonok” and Cafe “Prestige”. “Del Papa” cafe with Italian cuisine, focused on people with middle and high incomes. It sells alcoholic beverages. Thereis also a kids' corner where children can play and eat at a separate table. It certainly attracts customers with children. Prestige - a small cafe-oriented people with low and middle income. The main visitors are men. The main activity is selling of beer. Atmosphere of a place more like a bar, it is acceptable for social meetings, but not for hanging out with my family. Lack is very small size ofthe building. Bochonok - a beer garden oriented to the people with middle and high incomes. Cafe offers a wide range of alcoholic beverages. The restaurant is mainly popular among men. The restaurant is suitable for informal and friendly meetings. Cafe has a large size with cozy atmosphere. The main drawback of all competitors’ are lack of parking, lack of area for non-smokers. All involved inselling alcoholic beverages. Del Papa has advantages over the other providing a wide range of dishes, cozy atmosphere, and better service quality.

Customer traffic
Client traffic is very high, because nearby market and hospitals that provide high throughput customers. Every day is more than 1000 passers near. At lunchtime and evening, the number of clients increases. At this time the café worksmost effective. The main income is earned during this time. This is a very busy street due near crossroad. Drawback: in spite of the high level of traffic, low interest in the services of a cafe. High level of traffic provides cafe customers, but not enough in proportion with the possibility of high traffic.
Adequate parking
You can park behind the building, on each side of the building, andalso along the road. Capacity of parking is about 16 cars. Parking lot behind the building is not paved. Cafe does not own parking lot, so it is not protected, but the plus is that it is free. Availability of parking space allows customers to park near the cafe. It increases the number of clients. Availability of parking space allows customers to park near the cafe. It increases the number ofclients. But because of not guarded cars, customers can not be long and quietly in a cafe.
As this cafe where is possible to have dinner and supper, it should be well visible to clients. Visibility of café is very good. Trees do not obscure or obstruct the building of the cafe. It improves visibility on the roads. Sign is beautiful and clear, attracts the attention of customers from faraway. Cafe not illuminated at night, so not noticeable.
The size of cafe is average, around 70 sq.m . Here can be placed nearby 30 people. There are enough places for furniture, movement, for kitchen, and service rendering. The lack that if owner of the cafe will decide to expand the business, increase the number of workers, buy new equipment there is no free place, because place filled...
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