• 11 дек. 2010 г.
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I was recently co-chairman of a congressional task force on UN
reform, along with the former Senate majority leader George
Mitchell, because I share the belief that adramatically reformed UN
can be an effective instrument in the pursuit of a safer America and
a freer world. But to achieve these needed reforms, America must beunited in a common vision for what we expect from the UN.

Through my work on the task force, I have come to the conclusion
that American interestscall for a fundamentally limited, but honest
and effective UN.

The UN must be a fundamentally limited institution because it has nodemocratic accountability but has at times pretensions of asserting
legitimacy akin to that of a democratic nation state. For example,
large international meetings sponsored bythe UN often aim to create
new systems of "law" and new "norms" of international behavior under
the guise of "global governance." These present a direct threat toAmerican sovereignty and our system of constitutional liberty and
therefore must be rejected.

The United Nations is neither accountable norresponsible to a
democratic electorate, genuine democratic institutions, nor the give
and take of national democratic politics.

Our foundingfathers separated power among three branches and
created a system of checks and balances to hold our government
accountable and keep it limited. We need only take note of theintense focus on the confirmation hearings for just one U.S. Supreme
Court nominee to appreciate that the UN has no comparable
accountability mechanism....
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