How does new technologies affect society in 21st century

  • 03 апр. 2011 г.
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How does technology affect society in 21st century?
Twenty-first centuries is deservedly considered to be the century of the latest technologies. In the late twentieth century, scientists realized that the future is for computer equipment. They have successfully created and perfected the first computers. And at the beginning of the century in which we live there was an explosion of technology.This could not affect our society. In this report I will try to show how new technologies are affecting our society. Twenty first century technologies integrated to all structures of our life.
Introduction of computers in manufacturing has significantly reduced the number of jobs for residents of many countries. Along with the technology of our century have accelerated and largely exceededpeople's ability to fight many diseases. Relying on the knowledge gained in the TCI, I can say that computer technology is very helpful in improving the safety and operational efficiency of public transport.
I think that those people who are already thirty years old or older still remember such a profession as a draftsman, foundry, glass blower, a master at repairing TVs and others. All theseprofessions and many more become not relevant in the twenty-first century, and with them the people who owned only these professions are no longer in demand. If we assume that the earlier production of TVs sets at the plant required the participation of fifty people, now need only one or two people. After all, what is required is to ensure that the computerized equipment operate normally. In the twentiethcentury to carry out drawing work, were created entire institutions. What we see today? Program which is known as a Photoshop substitute for such an institution! Have you ever thought about how many jobs cut your e-mail? Just imagine that all messages in your outgoing and incoming folders sent as regular mail! In this case it was required to attach the stamps, which in turn is also done by peoplerather than machines at our days. Computers swept out people in many areas. But I must say that along with this increased our life quality. As an example again, I will give you e-mail. Need I explain that today in order to send a message to your relatives and friends, we need only a couple minutes of work with the keyboard? [pic][pic]
Sewing workshops 20th and 21st centuries
Health! This is themost important wish of the birthday. Health is the most precious thing for human beings. For many centuries and until today, doctors and healers are the most respected and revered by people. But without the assistance that is given us by technologies of our century, doctors were powerless against epidemics. New technologies have become good assistant in medicine. With their help it is much easierand more effectively to monitor the development of disease and to fight them. Computer-physicians can not only accurately study the development of beneficial bacteria, but they can influence their development. It helps them to invent new medicines. Latest technologies which now have doctors can successfully fight cancer. In the past century, this seemed impossible. To show a good example of hownew technologies are improving modern medicine I give the example of an ordinary computer. Modern doctors are accurate records all of its operations, surveillance of patients and treatments. They load this information into a computer and internet, and provide opportunities for all interested colleagues to learn from their experiences. For example, imagine a doctor in Turkmenistan. He treats patientswhose symptoms were unknown to him. In the twenty-first century, such a doctor has a fast way to solve the problem. He needs to find information from doctors in other countries on the Internet and use it correctly in the treatment of the patient. This example is too primitive but it is very easy when I try to explain how useful computers are in our century. In fact, twenty-first century...
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