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Виконав: студент(ка) групи № МТУз- ________________________


Запоріжжя .
Завдання №1
Перекажить зміст тексту “ Tourism as Business. ” англійською мовою
Завдання №2
Перекажить зміст тексту “ Specialized tourism” англійською мовою
Завдання №3
Перекажить зміст тексту “ Reasons for Travel” англійською мовою
Завдання №4
Перекажить зміст тексту “ Some health and safety advice for tourists” англійською мовою
Виконати граматичнізавдання
Test 1

1 'What colour ___' 'It's red.'
A your car is? B is your car?
C are your car?

2 I ___ to work by car, but sometimes I walk.
A go usually B 'm usually going
C usually go

3 Why are you under the table? What ___?
A do you do B do you
C are you doing D you do

4 What kind of car ___ ?
A has she got B does she has
C she has

5 I usually get upearly but this morning I ___ at 9.30.
A getted up B get up
C got up

6 We went to the cinema but we ___ the film.
A didn't enjoy B didn't enjoyed
C don't enjoy D haven't enjoyed

7 ___ television when I phoned you?
A Did you watch B Were you watch
C Were you watching

8 My mother ___ by air.
A never has travelled B has never travelled
C has never travel D is nevertravelled

9 'Do you know Sarah?' 'Yes, ___ a long time.'
A I'm knowing her for B I know her since
C I've known her since D I've known her for

10 These houses ___ 100 years ago.
A were building B are built
C were built D are being built

Test 2

1 I used to play tennis. These days I _______ golf.
A play
B used to play
C played

2 I ________ at home thisevening.
A 'm going to stay
B stay
C 'm stay

3 a: "My bag is very heavy." b: "I ________ it for you."
A 'm carrying
B 'll carry
C carry

4 When I was young I ______ very fast.
A can run
B could run
C could to run
D might run

5 I _______ walk home last night. There were no buses.
A needn't
B must
C had to
D should

6 ________________ tothe cinema?
A Would you like going
B Would you like to go
C Do you like go

7 I don't like hot weather but Sue __________ .
A does
B doesn't like
C likes
D doesn't

8 a: "I was late for work today." b: " ________ "
A John was too.
B So John was.
C So wasn't John.

9 a: "I met Linda's parents yesterday." b: "What _____ ?"
A do they like
B are they like10 Do you know how __________ ?
A do aeroplanes fly
B fly aeroplanes
C aeroplanes fly

Test 3

1 He's very funny. He makes __________ .
A me laugh B me laughing C me to laugh

2 I went to the shop ___________ a newspaper.
A for buy B to buy C for buy D buy

3 The sea looks nice. Let's go _____________ .
A on a swim B to a swim C swimming

4 Have thechildren __________ their homework?
A made B making C doing D done

5 I went out to meet a friend of ________ .
A me B my C mine

6 There was _______ interesting programme on television last night.
A a B - C an D the

7 I need ___________ about hotels in London.
A an information B information C informations

8 a: "Are there any biscuits?" b: "Yes, there are ____ in thekitchen."
A some B any C something D none

9 The house is empty. _______ lives there.
A Somebody B Anybody C Nobody

10 __________ needs friends.
A Every B All C Everybody D Everything

1. Tourism as Business.
What is tourism? Tourism is the temporary short-term movement of people to destinations outside the places where they normally live and work, and their...
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