Life as theater

  • 12 февр. 2011 г.
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Date: 10.02.11

Personal Reflection #4

"Life - the theater and people are actors" – this is the words of Shakespeare, the great connoisseur of humansouls, they sound quite modern in our days. What happened to people a few centuries ago, is happening now: they are laughing and happy, sad and cry, cheat and flatter each other, love and hate, getsick and die ... Over time, changing only "scenery" and the conditions, but human passions are unchanged ...

Culture, religion and traditions that exist in society, regulate the etiquette,rules and norms of behavior in a given situation. At the same time, the prescribed norms may be far from true, sincere impulses and motives of such behavior. For example, ceremonies connected with thefuneral should take place in sorrowful silence or loud lamentations crying women and men, showing sorrow, while in many cases it is pure playing moments. At the same time, we can not of coursediscuss the degree of manifestation of grief from relatives. I was a witness, the fact that some at the funeral may joke, discuss mundane things, not taking into account the situation related to the griefof loss.

There are many other situations, when people outwardly show "interest", "caring", "doing compliments", but really inside their souls they absolutely indifferent to you and all yourproblems, sometimes they even rejoice your failures, envy or gloating. There is even a sign that it is wrong to demonstrate the "happiness" because someone can put the evil eye.

Eastern andWestern cultures show examples of "open, friendly communication" at a meeting, handling, greeting people, smiling, inquiring about health, do kind of participation and interest, but only a fractionof a second, and it is not necessarily the case that in fact they so interesting to learn about you, it's just such a form of courtesy… we just play in polite people.

Our modern society of...
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