Official letter

  • 14 янв. 2011 г.
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Dear Mr. ____________

The University wishes once more to express gratitude governing body of ____., and personally to the president Mr. _______ and his deputy directors. And we want tothank special gratuity to you for assistance to us in the construction of the greenhouse.

As you know, in the course of stay in Seoul had conversation with the president and his deputies. Theconversation was very warm and friendly. Concern of Erae CS Ltd. about the future and exploitation of our greenhouse impressed us. We highly value your approach – this, in our opinion, is approach notonly of our partner, but also true friend of our university and uzbek people.

Particularly, despite of being fully busy, directors of Erae CS Ltd. could fit for us to find partner on behalf ofcompany Kumhwa Seed & Young plants co., Ltd. Kim Han Kyun.

plants co., Ltd.

Question about lease of our greenhouse , in our opinion, the company Kumhwa Seed & Young plants co., Ltd. would beuseful. In this case, we are inclined to support position of Erae CS Ltd.

If Kumhwa Seed & Young plants co., Ltd., which was recommended by your company shows an interest in our project, wewill initiate negotiations. We think you could inform about this to your governing body.

And with it we would answer the questions you put in the course of our meeting in 4 January 2011.

Asof custom procedure, in case of making contract for lease, university confines its privileges just to let the greenhouse. The lessee will settle questions of imports and exports of materialsaccording to the law system Rep. of Uzbekistan. We think that you know very well legislation of our country as the company which has worked in our country for many years. It is the same as currencyoperations. We are only able to render assistance for friendly consulting. Unfortunately, we cannot assume official responsibilities. The legislation doesn’t allow us to deal with such kind of questions....
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