Rap и его образование

  • 07 июня 2010 г.
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Rap as the phenomenon of pop music culture

Course paper

Ярославль, 2009

IntroductionDictionaries and encyclopedias define music as "an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner." It is also defined as "any pleasing and harmonious sound" and "the sounds produced by singers or musical instruments."

There are a lot of definitions for music and it will take a whole book to explore the subject ofmusic. If there is one true definition of music it is this; music is universal and yet it is also relative and subjective. What may be music to one may not be so to another. That’s why a lot of genres appeared through the history of mankind and music.

There is a problem of misunderstanding the older generation of musical interests of young people, because a lot of genres and styles of musichave appeared in the XX-XXI centuries: rock-and roll, reggae, eclectic and soul music, hip-hop, rap. All genres are popular nowadays. But according to what we can hear on the radio stations and the charts of popularity hip- hop music and rap has firm positions among other competitive genres.

It is believed that rap music is the product of the pop culture. That’s why the aim of our work is to findout the place of rap music in the modern pop culture.
The tasks of our work are:
1. To examine the notion rap and its origin as part of hip-hop music.
2. To distinguish the styles of rap music.
3. To determine the role of rap music in the life of modern teenagers

In order to carry out these tasks while working with our coursework we studied and read books, magazines and used theInternet resources.
The course work consists of four parts and has introduction and conclusion and some analysis of the survey.
In our work we want to show that rap music from the underground becomes a full-fledged musical genre.
Today music is very important for youth. Nowadays we can seldom meet a person without the earphones in the streets. Everyone has his style, the music and theway of life.

But today I will tell to you not about all music, I will tell you about Hip-Hop and Rap.

The reason we chose to research that notion and subject was that it is extremely popular nowadays and there is a personal attachment to that style of music. Besides, the rap develops well in Russia. A lot of young modern people wear wide vests, caps, long wide trousers, chains and withearphones on and walk along the streets.

Chapter I 1.1 Definition of the Notion Rap

Like many other notions the subject of our research − rap has many various definitions. We have studied Oxford, Cambridge dictionaries and encyclopedia Britannica to define rap.
If we look at the translation of the word rap we can find that it has several meaning, to be moreexact four. The first two meanings are neutral: 1) a quick light blow or knock; 2) a knocking or tapping sound. As soon as rap started in American ghettoes it is naturally that it has always been used within small social groups who live in these areas and also rap helped to keep these groups together. We suggest that this fact explains the reason of the word «rap» being used a lot in slang. Forexample, we found the following slang notions of the word «rap»:
a) A reprimand; b) A sentence to serve time in prison; c) A negative quality or characteristic associated with a person or an object.
The word «rap» is also widely used in the idioms. For example, the idiom beat the rap means «to escape punishment or be acquitted of a charge».Another idiom, like take the rap stands for «to accept...