The educational system of belarus

  • 09 янв. 2011 г.
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Now the counry has a developed system of education. It combines the structure inherited from the Soviet Union with a new content developed as an independent state.
Every Belarusian citizen has aguaranteed right to education. The national multistage education system ensures that Belarusians can exercise this right in full.
The current structure of the educational system was established bydecree in 1994. So today Belarusian educational system includes pre-school education and up-bringing, general secondary school, vocational education, secondary special education, higher education,training scientific staff, qualification improvement and staff retraining, adult self-education. (let’s study the scheme!)
Pre-school education is provided through pre-school institutions which differ intype and specialization: day nursery, day nursery-kindergarten, kindergarten, kindergarten-school. These institutions are for children under six years. All in all, there are 4,000 pre-schoolinstitutions in Belarus employing 50,000 teachers. Preprimary education is optional. But 70% of children do attend nursery or kindergarten before they start school.

School education in Belarus

The nextstage in the national education system is general secondary education provided in general secondary schools, gymnasiums and lyceums. Most children in Belarus start school at the age of 6. D: All pupilsmust follow the basic education curriculum up to the age of 15, and the majority of pupils stay at school until they finish their high school education at 18.
Contemporary general secondaryeducation includes several stages: primary school (years 1–4), basic school (years 5–9) and complete secondary education (years 10–11).
The first four years of school are devoted to acquiring basic skillsand habits of writing, reading, count; mastering primary knowledge of the nature, society and man; getting acquainted with principles of personal hygiene and healthy way of life. A: The main...
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