Twin towers

  • 18 февр. 2011 г.
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The World trade center(German world trade center), shortened WTC, was 1973 a completed building complex with two tower blocks at the south end New Yorker quarters of the Manhattan. The salient twintowers (WTC 1 and WTC 2), the twin Towers, were with 415 and 417 meters in 110 floors after their completion briefly the highest wolkenkratzer of the earth, 1974 by the Sears Tower in Chicago werehowever already exceeded. Destroyed on 11 September 2001 both towers and the remaining 5 buildings by a coordinated terrorist attack with two kidnapped to passenger airplane. With the collapse the rubbleburied WTC 3 (Marriott hotel) under itself. WTC 7 collapsed in the afternoon likewise, after it was guessed/advised several hours before by parts of the collapsed twin towers in fire. WTC 4, WTC 5 andWTC 6 were so heavily damaged that they had to be torn off later. 2,602 humans, who were in the WTC, died further, who sat in the two airplanes (AA 11 and UA 175), which steered the assassins intothe twin towers. Likewise numerous firefighters and policeman died with the following rescue mission.

Base data place: New York town center construction period: 1966-1973 opening: 4. April 1973status: with terrorist attack architectural style destroys: Modern architect: Minoru Yamasaki use/legal owner: Haven Authority OF New York and new jersey owner: Tishman Realty & Construction companytechnical data height: 521m m height up to the top speed: North tower (WTC 1): 521m m height up to the roof: North tower (WTC 1): 417m m depth: 63.4 m m floors: 110 elevators: 198 (WTC 1&2) effective area:800.000 m² building material: Steel and concrete

Overview The WTC was sketched by the American architect Minoru Yamasaki and built between 1966 and 1973. David Rockefeller was Chairman of the ChaseManhattan Bank and supported the financing of the twin Towers. The towers were called David and Nelson (Rockefeller). The Karl cook Erecting CO established the towers, which were with their...
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